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Welcome to the Creation Element author's blog.  My name is George Kenney and in this blog you will find a number of things including the latest progress of my Workshop Book found under the Books tab on this site.  It's not just a few excerpts but the full, unedited text as I walk through the story arc to final completion.  Check it out!

This entire site is designed to help people who want to write a book, who want to tell a story but are uncertain where to start or how to proceed once they do.  You will see how I start with an idea, assign a concept or purpose to the idea, create a story arc and then, week by week, fill in the adventure that binds the points of the story arc into a finished product.

Also, the blog will occasionally have items I find interesting such as - coffee roasting.  

Please feel free to post, provide comments on the site, discuss the method being followed or the content and direction of the book.  My only caveat is, if you're commenting on the book, please take notice of the Copyright disclosure under the Copyright tab for this site.

As of today I have officially completed this website and I'm now working on the book, "Encoded Justice".  I am still in Week 1 of the Book and have, as of this post, completed 2 chapters.

Take a look at the entire site; you might find it interesting. 

If you want to tell a story, then let's make it happen.


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