Quick Break to Roast Coffee

Time for a Little Coffee Roasting – Kona

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Time to take a break from the book and roast a little coffee to support our addiction to a morning cup of Jo.Coffee Roasting Image 1


This is the equipment I use to roast our coffee.  This week's roast is Kona Prime and Decaf Costa Rican (MWP).  The MWP stands for Moutain Water Process used in decaffeinating the beans.  My wife likes the caffeine toned down so I roast a batch of regular then a batch of decaf and blend the results.

The equipment is a Hottop roaster run by Artisan software.  It's 90 percent automated through alarms I put in the software that control the roaster temperature, fan, and drop.  I added a couple images of the roast in progress. 

Coffee Roasting Image 2 Coffee Roasting Image 3

I take a sample of each batch, grind it fine, then match it against the color disks shown below.  These colors bound the City and Full City roasts.  My wife and I like our coffee roasted in this range.


Coffee Roasting Image 4

Well, it's back to the book, "Encoded Justice".  Starting Week 2, I've done some research on routes from Alaska to Montana and I need to pick the route and locations I want our heroes, David and his dog Bess to visit.  Check out the Books page and follow along.

As always, live your life as it suits you best.  Treat others as you want them to treat you and remember, we only have ourselves holding us back.


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