Week 2 – Chapters 3 and 4 Uploaded to Workbook

Picture of Me

It's been a weekend full of writing as two more chapters were added to the Workbook progress under Week 2.  David and Bess are in Canada, passing through the Yukon and into British Columbia.  They've picked up 3 people along the way and left a trail of dead bad guys behind them.

Two of my favorite football teams are the Seahawks and the Raiders.  The Raiders never made it to the playoffs and Seattle was eliminated yesterday by the North Carolina Panthers.  After the game was finished and I'd finished my writing we had a delightful BBQ under our patio.  That's the nice thing about southern California; it's the middle of January and we were able to have a comfortable BBQ outside around 6PM.

Hope all is well.  Keep writing if you can.  No greater gift to the mind than exercising your imagination.


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