Week 3 – Workbook Progress

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Well I didn't accomplish as much, as I thought I would, during Week 2. I managed to host a flu virus and bronchitis simultaneously.  Despite that, I did capture 2 chapters prior to my descent and return through Dante's 9 circles of hell.  Needed all my energy to breath, get out of bed for nature calls, find medication and fall back into bed.  The feeling of climbing back into bed, pulling the covers up and dropping my head into the pillow would be addictive if not for the 95% balance of the day.

Been thinking about the last leg of the trip through Canada.  I enjoy action but too much of a anything is too much of something.  I need to work on increasing the depth of character.  I still like the story arc so now is the time to set up the character development so that I really feel the decisions David will have to make and its impact on those around him.  Character development is my weak point and with every book I am getting just a little better (of course this is a personal assessment).

I may begin to intersperse chapters of what's happening with David's sister, Carla, and also Colonel Matthew Dover, into this last leg of the trip through Canada.  Both of these characters will have important supporting roles as the story progresses and the tension builds.  I also need to deepen David's bond with Debbie and Tommy.  I think all of the above is necessary and will add several more chapters to the adventure part of the story beyond my original estimate of only 2.

Until the next update, use your imagination, believe in the worlds you create and be thankful this gift has been granted us.


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