Week 4 – Workbook Progress

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It was rainy and cold most of Sunday which ruined outside activities but made it easier to focus on the book. I completed 5 chapters and started a sixth.  These chapters were not as long as those in the beginning of the book.  The total word count for chapters 8 through 13 was 9,555.  

I'm still following the story arc.  The challenge at the moment being to keep things credible, yet exciting.  The challenge is creating a vehicle for excitement while dismissing simple solutions to the problem. As an example of the challenge I'm referring to, in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo struggles through seemingly endless miles and countless trials to finally reach Mount Doom.  Well, instead of enduring such hardships why didn't someone think of having the giant eagles fly Frodo to the mountain, drop the ring in the lava, then wing it back home?  Heck, he was surrounded by some of the greatest minds of the age.  You mean nobody could put giant bird allies and covering a long distance together as a possible solution?

Tolkien did it though and I swallowed the quest, because I wanted to do so.  It wasn't until I watched Family Guy and Peter Griffin's son, Chris, asked the question about the birds that I saw the gaping hole in the story line.  It still doesn't matter, I love the series.  I wanted there to be an adventure, a quest, and focused on that as I struggled with Frodo toward Mount Doom.

Similarly, I need David to rescue Colonel Dover instead of just faxing the evidence to the state and federal attorney generals.  Seed the story with doubt about who can be trusted and how far up it goes, that kind of stuff.  Yes, it's thin, but I'm depending on the reader's desire to have a quest just like I did with Lord of the Rings.

Until the next entry, use your imagination and enjoy creating.


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