Week 5 – Workbook Progress

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The story has reached its end.  It came together faster than I originally thought.  At one point I believed it would be over 50,000 words when I reached the final chapter.  Instead, the word count is now 39,083.  I am now entering the editing phase of the process.  This generally takes several weeks and it has been my experience I add between 2,000 to 5,000 words when it is complete.  This story ended a bit more sullenly than my previous works.  While not morose, it is not all rainbows and butterflies.  Still, as with all my books, there is a mystical thread and a ray of hope in the continuance of spirit.

I admit, this phase of the book's development is my least favorite.  That is not to say I don't understand its importance.  This phase is similar to wood carving in that the basic form of the work is completed but the smoothing and refinement of the figure is now necessary. Without this part of the process the final presentation of the work is unsatisfactory.  Here is where I find detail I overlooked which adds significantly to the overall story.  On occasion, I have added one or more chapters to the story during this phase of the book's evolution.


If I sold more copies I would benefit significantly by having a professional editor help me with this stage of the book's development.  Unfortunately, that isn't the case and I must make do with the resources available to me.

Starting with Week 5, the book will appear in its entirety as a PDF.  The changes affected will be posted on the Friday ending the week in question.  As before, I will include a synopsis of what changed, my thoughts surrounding those changes and what I've learned.

As always, use your imagination and exercise the greatest gift bestowed upon mankind, the ability to create form from thought.


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