Week 6 – Workbook Finished

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The Workbook is finished and can be found under Week 6 on the Books page.  It will be my 10th novel.  I am giving myself several days away from the book then I will do another editing pass.

This is more of a novella than a novel, coming in at 41,778 words. The full PDF for the book, found under Week 6, includes the cover art.  The PDF will not have the final editing pass but it will serve its purpose as representing a finished book.  It is quite readable in its current form.

I started the writing of this book in early January and have finished it in mid-February.  The process I have described on my website works for me.  I have taken an idea and turned it into a finished product within 6 weeks.  I hope this process will benefit others.

As always, use your imagination and have fun in the process.


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