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Encoded Justice, the book used on my blog site to demonstrate the story arc method I use to start with an idea and end with a finished product has been completed and is now listed on Amazon.  The weekly progress from Week 1 to Week 6 can be found as PDF files under the Books section of the blog. The full, unedited, version of the book is under Week 6.  These PDFs are not intended to be downloaded but to be read through the site.

If you enjoy writing I urge you to write and complete your book.  Each book I write to completion increases my ability and confidence.  Eventually, it boils down to talent.  No matter how good the method, if the talent isn't there the book will not be a great novel; I'm okay with that.  It might be a good novel and a fun story for others to read and that is worth something as well, so don't discount your effort.

Don't be intimidated by the "snob" factor of experts or the condescending behavior of those who have never engaged in the effort.  Learn to enjoy the act of telling a story and throw yourself into the creative process.  An apprenticeship can take years and this is no different.  An apprentice cannot reach Journeyman status by only watching others employ their trade.  We humans learn by doing, by failing, by understanding what could have been done better and eventually by understanding what works for us and what doesn't.

I wrote something to a friend this week that I do not believe I would have been capable of articulating several years ago.  Writing has honed my ability to express my feelings and, again, that is worth something.  Here is what I wrote: "I'm growing the opinion that hell is being dissatisfied with life and acting in such a fashion as to assure it doesn't change. We don't have to wait until death for hell, it's part of the tour package when we signed up for this trip."  If you want to tell a story then take action and don't let this be something you wish you would have done.

I am, to some degree, a misanthrope and tend toward being a reclusive personality.  My wife drags me from my cave into social settings and my day job forces social interaction upon me.  I have learned how to engage my fellow man with cordiality but it takes energy from me.  There is a part of me that needs to share, to help, and this blog is my best means of satisfying that need.

As always, use your imagination and exercise the greatest gift bestowed upon mankind, the ability to create form from thought.



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