Contact With an Acquaintance from My Past

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During the mid 90's I held two jobs, one working for a game development firm the other working for a well known aerospace firm.  While at the game development company I was privileged to work with a young man in possession of a first rate mind.  He had come to California, from Maine, after graduating from high school to gain his future as a programmer.   After several years my time with the firm came to an end and I lost contact with this young man.  I often wondered how his story played out but never pursued my curiosity. 

Recently, while working with another author, on a joint project, I recollected my memories of this young man. This prompted me to use the miracle of the world wide web to search for him and I found he moved back to Maine and I'm happy to say he was successful in his attempt to become a well respected programmer in the game industry.

The thing that makes me the happiest is to have found he is married and has two children. His name is Wade Brainerd and it was a real treat to have been a small segment in the story of his life.

I wish him all the best in the years to come and hope one of his dreams, extending the boundaries of virtual reality, becomes a defining moment in his career as well as a turning point for the world by enabling human creativity through digital actualization. If there is someone who can realize that vision it will be Wade.  




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