Workbook Progress Week 2 -

Did some rework on David's preparation for crossing the border.  That update is not reflected in the uploaded PDF for Week 1.  I'm just noting the modification has taken place and the work was conducted during the current week 2.  The changes focused around firearm concealment and Bess' vaccination records.  After researching Canadian entry rules it became apparent without these changes they wouldn't make it through the border crossing in the real world.

Mapped the route David and Bess would take, noting the towns they would pass through and something about each of the towns.

The story arc showed an estimate of 10 chapters for this part of the book which is now in the Adventure or Quest part.  The nature of the story is leading to longer chapters so I believe there will be fewer needed.  They are currently less than 900 miles from the border.  At the moment, there are over 13,000 words.  The word count for what has been written, so far, will change during editing.  The trip through Canada will come to an end in the next one or two chapters.  After that the Adventure will change its setting to David's home and the situation with his sister and her family on their ancestral ranch.

The  PDF posted below will change before the end of week 2.  Not only will it grow in length but I will be going through it to make certain it is cohesive and moderately free of typos.  This edit is not at the level of detail or scrutiny the document is subjected to when I begin my final editing passes but it helps me memorize some of the details, the flow of the prose and the overall feeling the book is assuming as the story grows.  This light editing pass will be reflected in the document posted on this page.

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