Week 3

David is still in Canada.  I'm using the next several chapters to introduce Colonel Dover and David's sister Carla then I will finish bringing David and his entourage out of Canada.

I got a late start this week after being a little under the weather.  The pace should pick up over the next day or two.  The story arc is still good and I'm mapping through the points while filling in the story. 

Both Colonel Dover and David's sister, Carla have been introduced and the stage set for the next stage of the story arc.  I managed to draft 3 chapters (5 - 7), the last chapter will need more editing but a lot of the bones have been laid out and much of it fleshed in.  It was not as well done as chapters 5 and 6 so I expect when I begin the editing pass it will be subject to changes.

Overall, descent progress was made.  David and his entourage will be passing through the border during Week 4 and we'll be into the surprise and decision parts of the story.  I'm enjoying the writing so far, it's flowing as I hoped it would.

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