Week 4

Beginning of the Week

I've wrapped up the end of the adventure part of the story, revealed the surprise and critical decision. David has found out what is really happening and made the decision he had to make which will impact not only his life but the lives of those he loves.


I'm getting close to 30,000 words, the surprise has been revealed and the critical decision has been made.  There's a possibility the story will go past 40,000 by the time I've finished.  I've completed 5 chapters and have started the 6th.  The PDF will be updated with progress as the week continues.

As I mentioned in my Blog, I'm still following the story arc. The challenge at the moment being to keep things credible, yet exciting. The challenge is creating a vehicle for excitement while dismissing simple solutions to the problem. As an example of the challenge I'm referring to, in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo struggles through seemingly endless miles and countless trials to finally reach Mount Doom. Well, instead of enduring such hardships why didn't someone think of having the giant eagles fly Frodo to the mountain, drop the ring in the lava, then wing it back home? Heck, he was surrounded by some of the greatest minds of the age. You mean nobody could put giant bird allies and covering a long distance together as a possible solution?

Tolkien did it though and I swallowed the quest, because I wanted to do so. It wasn't until I watched Family Guy and Peter Griffin's son, Chris, asked the question about the birds that I saw the gaping hole in the story line. It still doesn't matter, I love the series. I wanted there to be an adventure, a quest, and focused on that as I struggled with Frodo toward Mount Doom.  I've seeded the story with doubt about how high the corruption as traveled and who can be trusted.  It's thin but if the reader wants to cast aside disbelief and enjoy a story then I've provided a reason to travel along with David.

End of the Week

The story is finished.  There are a total of 19 chapters, some being very short.  If the past is any indication, when I'm finished editing I add between 2,000 to 5,000 words.  It is now at 39,000 so I anticipate it will be in the low 40,000s.  It came to conclusion swiftly after the rescue of the Colonel.  As with all my writings, there is a mystical tone to it.  I have a lot of work left with regard to editing.  The creative part is essentially over and now it is time for the polishing and smoothing of the story.  This story ended more sullenly than I had anticipated but as always, there is the ray of sunlight peeking from the cloud's edge.  Starting with Week 5 the entire workbook will be in PDF form as I mold the story into its final form.

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