Week 6

Beginning of Week

The Workbook is finished.  I have completed two editing passes and added the cover art to the PDF file available through this site.  I will give myself a break on the book for several days then return for another edit.  I always find more typos after letting it rest for a couple of days.

This has been a fun exercise for me and I hope others find the incremental stages reflected in Weeks 1 through 6 of benefit.  The story arc as originally laid out remained the framework of the book and provided a guideline as intended.  I feel the purpose as originally stated (Bravery and being a leader are characteristics instilled at birth) is represented throughout the story though another purpose (Man was meant to life in harmony with nature) emerged as well.

When the final editing is completed this book will be placed on Amazon with my other works and will be represented in the carousel at the top of the Books page of this website.

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