Week 5

Beginning of Week

I've been focusing on the last part of the book, particularly after the rescue.  I removed chapter 19 and made it an epilogue.  At this point I will return to editing from the beginning of the book. Now that I know the ending it will likely influence areas that were neutral and can be enhanced.  The purpose of the story has also taken on an additional element regarding harmony with nature. 

End of Week

I'm still doing my first pass edit and have made it up to Chapter 15.  I created the cover art this week and have included it in the PDF.  There will be several more passes of editing before this is complete. With the cover art being complete I may finish this book by week 7 but I definitely believe it will be completed by the 8th week.  

This is not the best story I've ever written but it is a fun read and flows well.  I've still been wondering about the last several chapters but when I've considered changing them I find I am reticent to do so.  I have decided to let them stand.

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