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During the mid 90's I held two jobs, one working for a game development firm the other working for a well known aerospace firm.  While at the game development company I was privileged to work with a young man in possession of a first rate mind.  He had come to California, from Maine, after graduating from high school to gain his future as a programmer.   After several years my time with the firm came to an end and I lost contact with this young man.  I often wondered how his story played out but never pursued my curiosity. 

Recently, while working with another author, on a joint project, I recollected my memories of this young man. This prompted me to use the miracle of the world wide web to search for him and I found he moved back to Maine and I'm happy to say he was successful in his attempt to become a well respected programmer in the game industry.

The thing that makes me the happiest is to have found he is married and has two children. His name is Wade Brainerd and it was a real treat to have been a small segment in the story of his life.

I wish him all the best in the years to come and hope one of his dreams, extending the boundaries of virtual reality, becomes a defining moment in his career as well as a turning point for the world by enabling human creativity through digital actualization. If there is someone who can realize that vision it will be Wade.  




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Encoded Justice, the book used on my blog site to demonstrate the story arc method I use to start with an idea and end with a finished product has been completed and is now listed on Amazon.  The weekly progress from Week 1 to Week 6 can be found as PDF files under the Books section of the blog. The full, unedited, version of the book is under Week 6.  These PDFs are not intended to be downloaded but to be read through the site.

If you enjoy writing I urge you to write and complete your book.  Each book I write to completion increases my ability and confidence.  Eventually, it boils down to talent.  No matter how good the method, if the talent isn't there the book will not be a great novel; I'm okay with that.  It might be a good novel and a fun story for others to read and that is worth something as well, so don't discount your effort.

Don't be intimidated by the "snob" factor of experts or the condescending behavior of those who have never engaged in the effort.  Learn to enjoy the act of telling a story and throw yourself into the creative process.  An apprenticeship can take years and this is no different.  An apprentice cannot reach Journeyman status by only watching others employ their trade.  We humans learn by doing, by failing, by understanding what could have been done better and eventually by understanding what works for us and what doesn't.

I wrote something to a friend this week that I do not believe I would have been capable of articulating several years ago.  Writing has honed my ability to express my feelings and, again, that is worth something.  Here is what I wrote: "I'm growing the opinion that hell is being dissatisfied with life and acting in such a fashion as to assure it doesn't change. We don't have to wait until death for hell, it's part of the tour package when we signed up for this trip."  If you want to tell a story then take action and don't let this be something you wish you would have done.

I am, to some degree, a misanthrope and tend toward being a reclusive personality.  My wife drags me from my cave into social settings and my day job forces social interaction upon me.  I have learned how to engage my fellow man with cordiality but it takes energy from me.  There is a part of me that needs to share, to help, and this blog is my best means of satisfying that need.

As always, use your imagination and exercise the greatest gift bestowed upon mankind, the ability to create form from thought.



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The Workbook is finished and can be found under Week 6 on the Books page.  It will be my 10th novel.  I am giving myself several days away from the book then I will do another editing pass.

This is more of a novella than a novel, coming in at 41,778 words. The full PDF for the book, found under Week 6, includes the cover art.  The PDF will not have the final editing pass but it will serve its purpose as representing a finished book.  It is quite readable in its current form.

I started the writing of this book in early January and have finished it in mid-February.  The process I have described on my website works for me.  I have taken an idea and turned it into a finished product within 6 weeks.  I hope this process will benefit others.

As always, use your imagination and have fun in the process.


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So far I have focused on the last part of the book during Week 5.  There is a lot of smoothing, bridging and typographical activity that needs to happen from this point forward.

The story also ended with a focus on humanity's need to be in harmony with nature.  This was not part of the original purpose but it fits with the ending so I will be looking for ways to enhance that purpose as I complete my first editing pass.  The story will mature during these editing phases.

As stated in my last post, each week will have the entire book in its current state of editing.  That way anyone who is interested can see how the story slowly matures.

As always, use your imagination and exercise the greatest gift bestowed upon mankind, the ability to create form from thought.


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The story has reached its end.  It came together faster than I originally thought.  At one point I believed it would be over 50,000 words when I reached the final chapter.  Instead, the word count is now 39,083.  I am now entering the editing phase of the process.  This generally takes several weeks and it has been my experience I add between 2,000 to 5,000 words when it is complete.  This story ended a bit more sullenly than my previous works.  While not morose, it is not all rainbows and butterflies.  Still, as with all my books, there is a mystical thread and a ray of hope in the continuance of spirit.

I admit, this phase of the book's development is my least favorite.  That is not to say I don't understand its importance.  This phase is similar to wood carving in that the basic form of the work is completed but the smoothing and refinement of the figure is now necessary. Without this part of the process the final presentation of the work is unsatisfactory.  Here is where I find detail I overlooked which adds significantly to the overall story.  On occasion, I have added one or more chapters to the story during this phase of the book's evolution.


If I sold more copies I would benefit significantly by having a professional editor help me with this stage of the book's development.  Unfortunately, that isn't the case and I must make do with the resources available to me.

Starting with Week 5, the book will appear in its entirety as a PDF.  The changes affected will be posted on the Friday ending the week in question.  As before, I will include a synopsis of what changed, my thoughts surrounding those changes and what I've learned.

As always, use your imagination and exercise the greatest gift bestowed upon mankind, the ability to create form from thought.


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It was rainy and cold most of Sunday which ruined outside activities but made it easier to focus on the book. I completed 5 chapters and started a sixth.  These chapters were not as long as those in the beginning of the book.  The total word count for chapters 8 through 13 was 9,555.  

I'm still following the story arc.  The challenge at the moment being to keep things credible, yet exciting.  The challenge is creating a vehicle for excitement while dismissing simple solutions to the problem. As an example of the challenge I'm referring to, in Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy, Frodo struggles through seemingly endless miles and countless trials to finally reach Mount Doom.  Well, instead of enduring such hardships why didn't someone think of having the giant eagles fly Frodo to the mountain, drop the ring in the lava, then wing it back home?  Heck, he was surrounded by some of the greatest minds of the age.  You mean nobody could put giant bird allies and covering a long distance together as a possible solution?

Tolkien did it though and I swallowed the quest, because I wanted to do so.  It wasn't until I watched Family Guy and Peter Griffin's son, Chris, asked the question about the birds that I saw the gaping hole in the story line.  It still doesn't matter, I love the series.  I wanted there to be an adventure, a quest, and focused on that as I struggled with Frodo toward Mount Doom.

Similarly, I need David to rescue Colonel Dover instead of just faxing the evidence to the state and federal attorney generals.  Seed the story with doubt about who can be trusted and how far up it goes, that kind of stuff.  Yes, it's thin, but I'm depending on the reader's desire to have a quest just like I did with Lord of the Rings.

Until the next entry, use your imagination and enjoy creating.


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Well I didn't accomplish as much, as I thought I would, during Week 2. I managed to host a flu virus and bronchitis simultaneously.  Despite that, I did capture 2 chapters prior to my descent and return through Dante's 9 circles of hell.  Needed all my energy to breath, get out of bed for nature calls, find medication and fall back into bed.  The feeling of climbing back into bed, pulling the covers up and dropping my head into the pillow would be addictive if not for the 95% balance of the day.

Been thinking about the last leg of the trip through Canada.  I enjoy action but too much of a anything is too much of something.  I need to work on increasing the depth of character.  I still like the story arc so now is the time to set up the character development so that I really feel the decisions David will have to make and its impact on those around him.  Character development is my weak point and with every book I am getting just a little better (of course this is a personal assessment).

I may begin to intersperse chapters of what's happening with David's sister, Carla, and also Colonel Matthew Dover, into this last leg of the trip through Canada.  Both of these characters will have important supporting roles as the story progresses and the tension builds.  I also need to deepen David's bond with Debbie and Tommy.  I think all of the above is necessary and will add several more chapters to the adventure part of the story beyond my original estimate of only 2.

Until the next update, use your imagination, believe in the worlds you create and be thankful this gift has been granted us.


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It's been a weekend full of writing as two more chapters were added to the Workbook progress under Week 2.  David and Bess are in Canada, passing through the Yukon and into British Columbia.  They've picked up 3 people along the way and left a trail of dead bad guys behind them.

Two of my favorite football teams are the Seahawks and the Raiders.  The Raiders never made it to the playoffs and Seattle was eliminated yesterday by the North Carolina Panthers.  After the game was finished and I'd finished my writing we had a delightful BBQ under our patio.  That's the nice thing about southern California; it's the middle of January and we were able to have a comfortable BBQ outside around 6PM.

Hope all is well.  Keep writing if you can.  No greater gift to the mind than exercising your imagination.


Time for a Little Coffee Roasting – Kona

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Time to take a break from the book and roast a little coffee to support our addiction to a morning cup of Jo.Coffee Roasting Image 1


This is the equipment I use to roast our coffee.  This week's roast is Kona Prime and Decaf Costa Rican (MWP).  The MWP stands for Moutain Water Process used in decaffeinating the beans.  My wife likes the caffeine toned down so I roast a batch of regular then a batch of decaf and blend the results.

The equipment is a Hottop roaster run by Artisan software.  It's 90 percent automated through alarms I put in the software that control the roaster temperature, fan, and drop.  I added a couple images of the roast in progress. 

Coffee Roasting Image 2 Coffee Roasting Image 3

I take a sample of each batch, grind it fine, then match it against the color disks shown below.  These colors bound the City and Full City roasts.  My wife and I like our coffee roasted in this range.


Coffee Roasting Image 4

Well, it's back to the book, "Encoded Justice".  Starting Week 2, I've done some research on routes from Alaska to Montana and I need to pick the route and locations I want our heroes, David and his dog Bess to visit.  Check out the Books page and follow along.

As always, live your life as it suits you best.  Treat others as you want them to treat you and remember, we only have ourselves holding us back.


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Welcome to the Creation Element author's blog.  My name is George Kenney and in this blog you will find a number of things including the latest progress of my Workshop Book found under the Books tab on this site.  It's not just a few excerpts but the full, unedited text as I walk through the story arc to final completion.  Check it out!

This entire site is designed to help people who want to write a book, who want to tell a story but are uncertain where to start or how to proceed once they do.  You will see how I start with an idea, assign a concept or purpose to the idea, create a story arc and then, week by week, fill in the adventure that binds the points of the story arc into a finished product.

Also, the blog will occasionally have items I find interesting such as - coffee roasting.  

Please feel free to post, provide comments on the site, discuss the method being followed or the content and direction of the book.  My only caveat is, if you're commenting on the book, please take notice of the Copyright disclosure under the Copyright tab for this site.

As of today I have officially completed this website and I'm now working on the book, "Encoded Justice".  I am still in Week 1 of the Book and have, as of this post, completed 2 chapters.

Take a look at the entire site; you might find it interesting. 

If you want to tell a story, then let's make it happen.