Picture of Me

My name is George Kenney.  

After serving in the Army during the early 70's, I graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in mathematics.  I've worked in the aerospace industry for over thirty years.  Most of that experience has been divided between contracts administration, IT management and Strategic Planning.  

I am a self-published author having, at the point of this writing, 15 books published on Amazon.  My total book sales is not large but I am proud to state all of the books published have been placed on the Goodreads website by people I don't know.  Readers took some of their own precious time to place these books there.  It doesn't mean the book was fantastic, it means it was a "good read".  Since it is my goal to tell a good story, their effort means a lot to me.

I have done so many things during my lifetime, authoring books is just another in a long list of life experiences.  I must say, though, I love this one.  Trying to predict the direction for my weather vane of interest is never certain but this one has really got a hold on me. Aside from authoring books, I have a solid interest in roasting coffee and as a result I am the benefactor of my wife's morning craving for a good cup of Jo.

I currently live in Southern California and all indicators point to Arizona being my final destination on planet earth.

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