Copyright Notice and Legal Disentanglement

All written material, ideas and concepts directly associated with the work presented on, or linked to this page that originate from my effort are Copyrighted © 2016, George Kenney (previously copyrighted work under my name is not re-dated).  

By interactively participating on this site through non-copyrighted comments or blog posts the one doing so is opening the comment to "free use" by me or others in their original works.  

Put another way, all comments or posts, not copyrighted, are considered "free use" and the one posting agrees no consideration, monetary or right of use (such as first right of refusal) will be pursued.

Finally, the "method" I am sharing is considered free use but the book I'm currently authoring (for instructive purposes), under the "Books" section of this site, falls under the 2016 copyright stated above.

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